The fee, currently set at £5 covers a period of two years. The majority of members joined in late 2017 and their renewals will fall due in November 2019.  The subscritpion for December 2019 -Dec 2021 is £5.

If we are lucky enough to have new members from time to time, they can pay their contribution of £5, €6 or $7 using the button below.

Payment Page

Members’ pictures and mobile phone numbers are gradually being added to the information in the Members Only part of this website.If you want to be included, please send your head and shoulders photo and mobile number to webmaster@grumpygang.com


Rule 1. There are no rules but please remember that anything you send or reply to will go out to everyone on the list. If you think your message could offend, don’t send it!

Content: The mailing lists provide a simple way to communicate as a group without having to maintain our own individual mailing lists. In particular it is intended to be a way to notify each other of flying plans so that impromptu fly-ins are not missed.

The content of messages should be restricted loosely to flying related topics.   Technical exchanges will probably get a better response if they are also sent to the Grumman Gang

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