You might be wondering what all the "Grumpy" stuff is all about.

First of all you need to know that we are an European group of GRUMMAN pilots, but why Grumpy Gang?. It's a long story, it basically hinges around the fact that we don't have a Unicom or air-to-air frequency over here in sunny Europe, and so we tend to "borrow" frequencies (mainly 123.45) to give each other position reports and so on. The Grumpy call sign allows us to remain more or less incognito.

Being true Europeans (ha!), the Brits have no problems with the various languages they encounter, as long as people speak English! One gets used to the ATC accents too, as throughout Europe they try to make the English speakers feel welcome-they speak very slowly to them. It also help to have some real, live linguists within our midst.

Join us!! To apply for admission to the exclusive Grumpy Gang you must be able to tick off number 1 and at least 9 of the following items.

1. You MUST have been to three GRUMMAN flyins (official or weekly trips).

2. Pulled the mixture cut off instead of the carburetor heat control.

3. Taken off with the autopilot on.

4. Taken off or landed with the fuel pump off. (on more than one occasion)

5. Left the master switch on and flattened the battery.

6. Started the engine with the fuel selector in the off position.

7. Porpoised on landing.

8. Run a tank dry causing engine (& heart ) to stop.

9. Forgotten to test for carb ice & wondered what was wrong with engine

10.Tuned transponder to 7700 by mistake (even switching through counts).

11.Told to change frequency and set wrong number, called some one else or forgotten to change the boxes over.

12.Asked ATC for a frequency/danger zone or nav aid that does not exist any more.

13.Wrongly set a nav aid or radio to the incorrect frequency and wondered why you had no reply or was somewhere other than where you should be.

14.Had a dead instrument lead you astray.

15.Caught out by the weather. (Kassel Germany 1999)

16.Annoyed ATC by misunderstanding their instructions.

17.Done something really silly. ( Like flying on your own over water and leaving the life raft in the baggage hold or pulling the cigarette lighter instead of the carbheat.)

18.Had a nasty experience due to your own fault but learnt a lesson from it.

19.Talking to ATC, being given instructions, which seem ok until arrival at destination to find that you are talking to the wrong airport and landing at another. (Denmark 1999)

20.Left the pitot cover on or tried to move with something still tied to the plane, which should have been removed before taxiing.

21.Given instructions to land on a particular runway and picked the wrong one. (Keeps ATC awake)

22.Reported "missing" & searched by the gendarmes throughout France for a night without being on a flightplan (Grumpy Red July 2002)

23.Informing the CAA (or applicable joiners own country Aviation Authority)of ANYTHING without being 'SPECIFICALLY' asked, which could lead, in any way, shape or form, to a reduction in flying privileges, or in having to write another letter to them."

24.After landing finding your chicken still fixed on the antenna and wondered during flight where that crowing in the radio was coming from.(Grumpy Moon - North Carolina August 2006)

25.Two people simultaneously using the steps (with luggage on board) resulting in the plane tipping backwards onto the tie down ring - WITH an audience. 1 Point awarded for scratched paintwork. 2 Points awarded if the trim tabs get bent and the audience starts to laugh!!

26. Taking off with the fuel cap resting on the wing tip which cause the lost of about 10 litres of sucked out fuel.

27. Testing OJ's taxying abilities with a 60kg concrete block on the rear tie down (Grumpy One October 2011)

28. Filing of an International flight plan back to ones home airfield (Henlow, UK) from France, with the departure Airfield (Alencon,France) and the destination Airfield (Henlow, UK) both being entered, and disguised, as (EGWE) Henlow - And then carrying on regardless". Two bonus points for leaving the French ATC completely and utterly confused and dumbfounded.

29.Taking off with pitot tube cover still in place AND walking away from his plane having forgotten to turn off his strobes (29 March 2014 Lashenden Grumpy Cesspit)

30. Landed at an airport were 8.33mhz spacing is mandatory. Dann Rogge March 2016.

If you can tick off 10 of the above you have enough experience to gain the cherished Grumpy Uniform.

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So now you know all about 'The Grumpy Gang'

However you may be asking yourself, "But why a chicken logo?" The reason is simple - Rubber Chickens Aid Aviators.

Yes, Rubber Chickens have been specially bred to protect aircraft pitot tubes (these valuable aeroplane fixtures enable the brave pilot to see the aircraft's air speed) from invasion of naughty grubs and insects building nests in the pitot system. …… The latex fowl are also utilised by astute aviators to act as guardians of aircraft, to frighten away other avian species, by manipulating their imaginations into making them believe that they too may be likewise plucked and impaled on an aeroplane aerial."

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